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7 Unusual Fruits from Around the World

Posted by Gwen Watson on Apr 24, 2015

7 Unusual Fruits from Around the World

When you want to eat a piece of fruit, what do you reach for? Most of us stick with the standard choices, like apples and oranges. However, there are so many delicious fruits from all over the world that are worth trying! All of these exotic fruits taste great and can often be found in your local markets. Here are some of the most unique fruits available:

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit gets its name from its unique shape, which resembles a colorful dragon. It’s grown in Mexico, South America, Israel, and other parts of Asia. Though it’s not usually grown in the United States, it can be found in regular supermarkets and ethnic food shops. The taste resembles a cross between a kiwi and a pear.

Prickly Pear

In the United States, prickly pears can be found growing in desert climates such as those found in Arizona, parts of California, and New Mexico. They have sharp needles growing directly on the outside of the fruit. Once you remove the needles, it reveals the sweet, fleshy interior. They have a mild flavor that slightly resembles a honeydew melon. If you do find them for sale in the markets, the sharp needles are removed.


Rambutan is rough and hairy on the outside but delicate and fleshy on the inside. The word “rambutan” actually means “hairy” in the Malay language. Once native to Malasia and other countries in Asia, it’s now cultivated in Hawaii and can be found in markets throughout the United States. The fruit has a flavor that is both sweet and sour, much like a green grape.


Miraclefruit is a berry that is native to Asia. The flavor is both sweet and tart at the same time. It also temporarily changes your taste buds by causing sour flavors to taste sweet. So, if you bite into a lemon right after eating miraclefruit, it will taste sweet, like a lemon candy. This isn’t permanent and while it isn’t harmful, it could cause you to eat too many acidic foods, which, in sensitive people, could cause heartburn.


Mangosteen has gotten a lot of press in recent years because it’s considered a super food because of how rich it is in antioxidants. It’s fairly difficult to buy it fresh in the United States but if you can track it down, it’s worth it. The flavor has been described as a cross between a peach and tangy citrus fruit like grapefruit.


Pepino is typically grown in warmer climates such as those found in South America. However, countries like New Zealand and Turkey also have success growing them. It’s a member of the nightshade family and is therefore a close relative to tomatoes and peppers. However, the pepino is fairly sweet. The flavor is a cross between a melon and a pear.

Star Fruit

Though star fruit is popular in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, it’s also grown in the warmer climates in the United States. It got its name because when it’s sliced, the pieces resemble stars. Star fruit tastes like a cross between a kiwi and a pear.

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