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6 In Season Fruits to Enjoy This Spring

Posted by Gwen Watson on May 1, 2015

6 In Season Fruits to Enjoy This Spring

There’s nothing like biting into a ripe, in-season piece of fruit! When fruit ripens closer to home, it’s much more flavorful once it arrives at the store. Depending on where you live, fresh fruit season could start as early as March. Here are some fruits to look out for. Enjoy them while they’re ripe!


For much of the year, strawberries are shipped from states like California. While they still taste pretty good, they can’t quite compare to local, in-season strawberries! When strawberries are shipped from farther away, they’re actually picked before they completely ripen to help extend the shelf life. Though these strawberries do turn red while in transit, they don’t fully develop their sugars unless they’re still on the bush. In-season strawberries are a real treat!


It’s easy to underestimate how tasty a fully ripened apricot really is! Unlike dried apricots, sweet apricots are more sweet than tart. Most of the apricots available in the United States are gown in California. When they’re in season, they’re available in markets throughout the United States!


Most varieties of cherries are only available for a small window of time when they’re in season. They grow best in states like California, Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Michigan. There are also a lot of beautiful cherry trees in the Washington DC area. They’re typically in season in the late spring, usually in early June.


Grapefruits that are in season are a little sweeter than those that are eaten off-peak. If you love grapefruits that aren’t as tart, you definitely need to enjoy them when they’re in season! For grapefruits, peak season is actually from December to early spring. Most grapefruit trees start flowering in spring or in the summer. It takes several months for the fruit to ripen properly.


When in the grocery store, it’s easy to know when pineapples are in season. As you walk by them, you’ll notice their fragrant aroma right away! Though they’re a bit of a challenge to clean, it’s well worth it. The flesh is sweet and juicy and a perfect treat on a warm, spring day. Off-season pineapples aren’t nearly as flavorful.


Depending on where you live, blueberries start ripening as early as May. There are several things that affect when the bushes will start producing ripened fruit. In years where the winter is particularly severe, or in latitudes that are farther north, they may not start producing fruit until the summer. In-season blueberries are a real treat because they’re extra sweet!

So, what can you do with all this fresh fruit? You can enjoy it as is or make jams, jellies, pies, and cobblers. If you want to enjoy this fresh fruit well after the harvest, you can freeze it, which preserves much of the original flavor.

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