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Fun Easter Activities to Enjoy with Kids

Posted by Gwen Watson on Mar 18, 2016

Fun Easter Activities to Enjoy with Kids

With Easter coming up, it’s time to plan all the fun activities that you will be doing with your kids! Here are some of our favorite ideas for Easter activities that kids will especially enjoy.

Dye Easter Eggs

As Easter approaches, it can be fun to dye Easter eggs! Whether you buy an egg decorating kit or you come up with your own designs, this is a fun pastime that your kids will love. Use hardboiled eggs, food coloring, stickers, glitter, and other fun things to decorate the eggs in order to create unique works of art! Just make sure that you store the eggs in the refrigerator once they’re decorated so that they don’t spoil.

Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are another fun thing to do at Easter. You can use plastic eggs filled with candy, the eggs that you’ve dyed, or foil wrapped Easter eggs for your egg hunt. Simply hide the eggs all over your home or yard and have your kids find them! You can also find ways to make your egg hunts more interesting. For instance, you can easily turn the egg hunt into a scavenger hunt, or hide pieces of a map inside the eggs so that your kids can find the big treasure.

Visit the Easter Bunny

Another fun activity you can do with your kids is to take them to see the Easter Bunny at your local shopping center. Kids enjoy getting up close and personal with the bunny and you will always have the photographs to remember the special day by! You can even dress your kids up in a special Easter costume to make the pictures even more interesting.

Make Your Own Easter Candy

Rather than buy Easter candy this year, try making your own! All you need to do is buy some Easter candy molds from your local craft store. Once you have the candy molds, melt any chocolate you want over a double boiler and pour it into the candy molds. Remove the chocolates from the mold once they harden and cool down. You can also make other types of candies, such as these popcorn chocolate truffles.

Have an Easter Tea Party

Do your children like to have tea parties? If so, surprise them by hosting an Easter tea party in their honor! Serve Easter-related treats, such as Easter candies and dyed Easter eggs, and encourage them to dress up in an Easter costume. If they’re normally the ones to plan the tea party, they’ll appreciate being the guest of honor at one that you’ve planned for them.

When it comes to Easter, there are plenty of things that you can do that your kids will enjoy!

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