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Easy Halloween Desserts

Posted by Katie Straw on Oct 30, 2013

Easy Halloween Desserts

So, Halloween has snuck up on you and you've got like absolutely no time to whip together treats for some sort of gathering. Before you go into full-fledged panic mode, take a deep breath, and continue reading. We've pulled together this list of 5 totally awesome Halloween treats that you can create in record time and the best part they all look completely fabulous:

Chilled to the Bone

With 5 simple ingredients and like 30 minutes, these totally adorable marshmallow bones begin to take shape. However, you will need to allow them to set for 10-12 hours, so make sure you get this done a day ahead of time and, as in the picture, they do look incredibly cute paired with cups of hot cocoa.

Ghostly Goodies

Totally adorable and totally easy to make, these cute ghost cookies will delight kids both young and old. While the recipe calls for Nutter Butters, feel free to substitute them with Vienna Cookies instead, depending on allergies.

Sanguine Suckers

Mwahahaha! Okay, so we are totally obsessed with these lollipops, which are decorated with food coloring blood. They're totally creepy and fabulous and easy to make (especially because of their irregular shapes). Just make sure you're handing them out at age-appropriate gatherings, i.e. not your kid's preschool party.

Creepy Cupcakes

For cupcakes with a twist, check out these treats. Unlike a lot of Halloween-themed cupcakes, we like these because they're totally simple. Basically, you can just make classic vanilla cupcakes, scoop out the middle bit, spoon in some cherry pie filling, and frost.

Wicked [Easy] Witch Hats

These sweet witch hat cookies take the cake for easiest Halloween treat. Everything you need for them is found in one just one aisle of the grocery store and you can create over 2 dozen in like 15 minutes. Epic win for the parents who bring this into class.

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