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Easy Valentines to Make with Your Kids

Posted by Editor on Apr 9, 2014

Easy Valentines to Make with Your Kids

It's always fun to make things with your children, but sometimes pesky old life gets in the way. There just never is enough time! That's why we've created this short and sweet post, which brings you a selection of ways to make adorable valentines without having to dedicate an entire day to a project or shell out a small fortune. Separated by difficulty level and the presence of candy (hello, allergies), we hope that this list helps you spread the love with your kid(s) this Valentine's Day!

With Candy:

Easy: This super adorable craft proves that you don't have to spend a lot of time to create irresistibly sweet valentines. While the link doesn't provide a printable template, you can find ones that are similar online or create your own.

Fairly Easy: Complete with printable, the most taxing part of creating these adorable pirate valentines is sewing on little felt patches and bags of candy. As indicated in the post, lollypops work well because you can sew the plastic wrapper right onto the back of the card.

A Little Harder: Fun and unique, these little fortune cookie valentines look time consuming but don't require much more than 45 minutes (depending on how many children are in your kid's class).

Sans Candy:

Easy: If these aren't the cutest little valentines! Just hunt down some packs of mini paint sets (available online here), print out the template, snip snip, stick on some glue dots, and you're done!

Fairly Easy: For a roaring good time, check out these wild cards! They're the perfect way to use up leftover cardboard or cardstock and are actually inexpensive to make. For the animals, look at your local dollar store or on this site.

A Little Harder: Using a silicone heart mold, which can be found at your local craft store or online here, you can easily give broken crayons new life and create these colorful valentines!

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