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5 Fall Activities for Kids

Posted by Gwen Watson on Oct 9, 2015

5 Fall Activities for Kids

Even though summer is over, that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! There are plenty of things to do in the fall that the whole family, especially your kids, will love. Here are some of our favorite crowd-pleasing fall activities:

Go Apple Picking

Picking apples is one of those timeless fall activities that everyone loves! There’s nothing quite like biting into a fresh, crisp apple. It only takes a few minutes to pick a bag of apples, but they last for several weeks in the refrigerator. To stretch the fun out even further, bake an apple pie or two with your kids when you get home! Making other treats, such as apple crisp, applesauce, and apple butter, are also delicious ways to use up all those apples.

Carve a Pumpkin

Pumpkins are in season in September and October, which is just about the tail end of the year’s harvest in most parts of the country. Don’t forget to buy some whole pumpkins when you see them! They’re not only delicious when roasted, but kids also love carving them for Halloween. Instead of throwing the fleshy seeds out, you can roast them for the kids to munch on while decorating their pumpkins. If your kids are small, have them sketch their designs on the pumpkin using a pencil so that you can carve it using a sharp knife.

Go on a Hay Ride

Another popular fall activity is to go on a hayride. In fact, many farms that have apple orchards offer hayrides, as well. You can easily do both activities in the same day! Many hayrides are fairly short, and they will definitely hold your kids’ attention.

Visit a Haunted House

Do your kids love Halloween? If so, you may want to take them to a haunted house! Most commercial haunted houses are safe for kids because they’re designed to be scary while also being tasteful. You might want to check with the venue ahead of time, however, to get a feel for their target audience. If your kids are still small, you wouldn’t want to take them to a haunted house that was designed with teenagers in mind.

Go on a Fall Hike

If your kids love being in the woods, taking them on a fall hike can be especially fun! While hiking in the summer is certainly enjoyable, the weather in the fall is absolutely perfect for hiking. Cooler temperatures and lack of humidity offer the perfect conditions for outdoor exercise. Not only that, but the stunning fall foliage colors will make the hike even more memorable. To make it extra special, carry a thermos filled with hot chocolate in your pack to enjoy at your favorite viewpoint.

These fun fall activities are not only great for kids, but also for the whole family!

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