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Fun Strawberry Cake Pop Ideas

Posted by Gwen Watson on Feb 20, 2015

Fun Strawberry Cake Pop Ideas

Cake pops are both fun to make and fun to eat. Not only that, but they are extremely versatile. All you need to do is follow the basic recipe and then use any cake, icing, and decorations you desire. Here are some ideas for some creative combinations that use strawberries.

Basic Cake Pop Recipe

For starters, you’ll need a basic cake pop recipe to follow. The basic premise is to mix crumbled cake with icing, form it into balls, and place a stick in the center for easy eating. From there, you can decorate the pop in any way you wish.

The basic ratio is to use one recipe of boxed cake mix and one container of store-bought icing for each cake pop recipe you make. This makes approximately fifty cake pops. Of course, you can choose any cake, icing, and decorating combination you desire.

Strawberry Cake Pops

Strawberries make an ideal flavoring for cake pops because they blend naturally with standard dessert ingredients. All you need to do is follow the basic recipe and then use these combinations to make a cake pop that honors this beautiful fruit.

  • Decorate them to look like strawberries. You can take any cake pop combination you desire and decorate each pop to look like a strawberry. To do this, form the cake pop into strawberry shapes, dip into red candy melt, and dot melted dark chocolate on the surface after the red melt hardens. Finish the top cake pop with green icing, formed into strawberry leaf shapes. To make it extra realistic, form the inside with red-colored cake.
  • Make them with strawberry cake. Another fun option is to make the cake pop with strawberry cake mix and then mix it with the icing of your choosing. In this option, you can let the flavor of the cake shine and keep the decorations simple. Dipping the cake pop in pink candy melt or white chocolate is more than enough to make the pop stand out.
  • Use strawberry icing. Instead of using cake to create the strawberry flavor, you can also infuse the icing with a strawberry flavoring. Strawberry icing is another great option. Simply follow any strawberry icing recipe you desire, or you can buy it in the store. Simply mix the crumbled cake of your choosing and mix it with the strawberry icing. After the pops are formed, decorate them as desired.
  • Strawberry sauce. This option is a little gooier than the combinations listed above. However, gooey can be quite fun! Simply mix the cake and icing together in the combination of your choosing, form into balls, poke a stick in the center and dip into strawberry sauce. This creates a tasty, sticky strawberry treat. You can either make the strawberry sauce yourself or buy store bought sauce.

Cake pops are fun to make and even more fun to eat. These strawberry combinations are definite winners.

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