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6 Simple Get Well Gifts

Posted by Gwen Watson on Mar 3, 2016

6 Simple Get Well Gifts

Do you know someone who is struggling with an illness or injury? Even if you’ve already visited him or her in the hospital, sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough. These simple gifts will help make someone feel loved and appreciated while getting better. Here are our favorite ideas.

Care Package

Care packages are a great way to let your loved one know that you are thinking of him or her. This is an especially great gift to send if you’re unable to visit in person. You can also tailor the ingredients based on the type of illness or injury they’re recovering from. If they are just getting home after a long hospital stay, sending a package filled with healthy food they can eat is a good way to show that you truly care.

Gift Baskets

Another great idea for a “get well” wish is to send a gift basket. Get well gift baskets usually include a variety of gourmet food items such as snack foods, fruit, and even wine! If they need to eat a healthy diet, you can always send a fruit basket, dried fruit, or a basket filled with healthier snack foods.


Flowers are always a classic choice for sending “get well” wishes. If you visit someone at the hospital, it’s fairly customary to bring flowers. However, if you would like to bring flowers to a hospital, you might want to call the nurse’s station on their floor to make sure that flowers are allowed into the room. If they aren’t allowed, fake flowers might be a good alternative. You can also buy a flowering houseplant, which lasts much longer than cut, fresh flowers.

Cake Pops

Cake pops also make a great get-well gift! You can either make the cake pops yourself or buy cake pops to give. If you want to make this gift extra meaningful, do some homework before you order so you will be sure to order his or her favorite flavor.


When people are sick, the last thing they want to do is prepare their own meals. Stopping by their homes with a plate of lasagna or a pot of chicken noodle soup is a gesture that they’ll definitely appreciate! If you don’t live nearby, consider sending a gift basket filled with healthy foods or ordering a few meals from a meal service that will deliver to their home for you.

Herbal Tea

Another thing that people enjoy when they’re sick is a hot cup of tea! You can easily select a type of tea depending on what their illness is. For instance, if they have a stomach complaint, you can give them a box of chamomile tea. If they have a cold, you can give a box of your favorite cold-care tea, such as peppermint. Pair the gift with a pretty mug and some honey and it will be even better!

These gift ideas are perfect things to give when someone is sick or recovering from an injury!

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