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Tips for Picking Your Own Strawberries

Posted by Katie Straw on May 19, 2014

Tips for Picking Your Own Strawberries

Around the United States there are hundreds of farms that allow you to pick your own strawberries. The typical season for this is the late spring and early summer, as strawberries peak between April and late June, depending on where they’re grown.

As you might expect, picking strawberries is fun. But before you go, read through these helpful tips, which allow you to get the most out of your experience.

Before You Go:

Make a call. Strawberries are very sensitive to the weather so depending on rain and cool temperatures, the farm may be closed. (And nothing’s worse than travelling somewhere only to find it’s not open.) So, call them first and while you’re on the phone with them, ask if they supply containers for the berries. Some farms charge you for these, while others don’t offer them at all – so it’s best to be prepared. If the farm you’re going to doesn’t offer containers, it’s not a big deal; you can probably find a better one in your kitchen anyway. Baking pans and plastic storage containers make great receptacles for berries. Just try to keep them less than 5” deep so that the fruits on the bottom don’t get bruised.

While You’re There:

Get there early for two reasons. Firstly, laboring in the hot sun is seldom enjoyable. And secondly, you’ll get better berries. During a hot day, berries tend to get soft and almost mushy, which isn’t always the best.

nstead of just picking random berries, opt for the ones that are the deepest red – they’re the ripest. Unlike other fruits, strawberries don’t ripen after they’re picked. And for the sweetest, juiciest ones possible, pick the smaller fruits, which are the most flavorful.

After You’ve Picked ‘Em:

Strawberries generally keep for 3-5 days in the fridge, so long as you don’t wash them and/or core them first (which softens them). Of course, there’s always the freezer, but strawberries are best eaten fresh.

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